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New 2015 Monmouth Lodge
New 2015 Monmouth Lodge ImageNew

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“I'm amazed by the quality of the climbing frames! Worth every penny

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Design Your Own Climbing Frame with Action 3D

Welcome to Garden Climbing Frames

We are one of the UK’s leading outdoor play equipment specialists, with a determined focus on safety, fun and outstanding value. With over a decade of experience, we are confident of our brands, service and expertise.

Garden Climbing Frames Store

Explore the complete Action climbing frame range, build your DIY design with modular climbing frame parts or even design your own climbing frame with the Action 3D software. It’s fun, free and easy to learn. Action wooden climbing frames offer imaginative and creative play combinations at an affordable price. They are a wonderful way for families and children of all ages to play and socialise together in the safety of your own garden.

Climbing Frames Ranges

Choose between Action climbing frames which come with a reassuring ten year warranty and Jungle Gym Climbing Frames which are perfect for younger children and toddlers.

All of our complete sets have been designed with a wide variety of children’s abilities and interests in mind, plus the size and shape of your garden and of course, your budget. Smaller climbing frames such as the , are better suited for small gardens and typically include a single play tower, optional swing arm a wavy slide. Creative play features include commando nets and sandpits, all of which take up only the minimal of space. If you have a larger family and are looking for more space, the Monmouth climbing frame tower has an extra-large 90cm x 120 platform to allow more space for kids to play and socialise together. The largest model in the Action range is the tree house style Gate Lodge climbing frame which has a den style cabin high in the sky.

No matter what the size and shape of your garden, there is a climbing frame to suit your needs.

Climbing Frames Accessories

Add as many climbing frame accessories as possible to increase the play value and scope of the design.

Our friendly play team are always on hand to offer you free expert advice for choosing the right climbing frame to suit your family and the size and shape of your garden and of course, your budget.

Happy shopping

Arundel Climbing Frames

Arundel Climbing Frames

The Arundel is a compact 90cm x 90cm climbing frame tower which is perfect for small gardens.

Monmouth Climbing Frames

Monmouth Climbing Frames

An extra-large 90 x 120cm platform with a focus on climbing. The new enclosed Monmouth Lodge makes a den kids will love.

Gate Lodge Climbing Frames

Gate Lodge Climbing Frames

A fantastic tree house style tower which makes a perfect den for kids to hang play and socalise together.