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What Is Action 3D?

At Garden Climbing Frames We understand that choosing a climbing frame is a considered purchase and we will not rush you into making a decission. As every garden and family is unique we feel that the same should be true for your choice of climbing frame. There is a lot to think about, from the size of your garden to the ages and play interests of your children, and of course your budget.

Call The Play Team

Our team of experts are here to help you design and plan your climbing frame every step of the way. We have many years experience and have created layouts for every shape and size of garden imaginable. If you let us know the shape and dimensions of your garden, we shall send you pictures in 3D as if you were really there.

If you would like any help or advice at any time please give us a call and we will have a chat and a virtual cup of tea together as we plan your design together. Our number is 01993 844145 or you can email us at We are open six days a week from Monday to Saturday and on hand till late. We're nice that like.

Introduction to Action 3D

Action 3D climbing frame design is an amazing new way to design your own climbing frame from the comfort of your own home. It's completley free and does not require a degree in art and design to use.

Action's clever 3D software will help you decide which play features are best for your childrens interests and allow you to accomodated for mixed ages, so everybody has something fun to play on. To help you stay within budget, each companent is individully priced and added together at every stage. There are no hidden costs and delivery is absoultey free. All fixings and fittings are included so there are no surprises around the corner.

So How Does Action 3D Work?

Design Own Climbing Frame How Does It Work

Why not begin the adventure by Designing Your Own Climbing Frame with Action 3D today.

Action Climbing Frames are unique and completly modular, which means they fit together in many ways to create a custom climbing frame that's perfect for you and your family.

The play world is your oyster. Why have the same standard set as everybody else when you can create your dream climbing frame yourself.

Action 3D Key Features

Action Climbing Frames Key Features

Control your budget:Action 3D itemises each item in design to show you preciesly what you are spending and where. Only pay for the features you really want and no more.

Make sure it fits into your Garden:Our design team uses actual dimensions from your garden to ensure the design will perfectly suit the size, shape and layout of your play area. We will present a number of design ideas and layouts to accomodate your available play area, whilst making sure to leave adaquate space around the perimiter for safer play.

Fleixble Layouts:The modular nature of Action Climbing Frames allows you to to position modular componants to suit the size and shape of your play. This includes Slides, Swing Arms, Commando Nets and tower connectors. This is especially useful for small or awkward shaped gardens.

Choose the right play features:What do your children enjoy playing on the most? We can help design your climbing frame to suit children of all ages and abilities with a mixture of play interests. We have ideas for creative children, active children, little climbers and everything inbetween. Why not involve your children in the design process to get their ideas onboard. Afterall, it is their climbing frame.

Families with children of mixed ages:If you have a large family with children of different ages, we can help you to decide which play features would be best for everybody for today and in the years to come. Some play modules such as Monkey Bars or Rock Climbing Walls can be overwhealming for younger children but exciting for older brothers and sisters. The key is understanding which features are best suited to your children, which is why we are here to help.

Future Proof Designs:By carefully planning your climbing frame design now, you are able to think ahead and consider your children's play needs in the future. As you children grow older, their play interests and abilities will change and develop, so it is important to leave space to adapt and update your climbing frame in years to come. Why not grow your climbing frame with your children by leaving space for a second play tower and connector to be purchased when both time and budget allows.

Starting Your Climbing Frame Design

Climbing Frame Design

If you would like to create your dream climbing frame please click on the design your own climbing frame link to get started. There are a set of simple and easy to use tools such as Zoom, Pan and Rotate, to help you create your masterpiece.

Top Design Tips

Start by choosing a tower, before adding play modules and accessories of your choice:

Climbing Frames TowersThere are a number of base towers to choose from which vary in looks and height. Simply choose your favouitre to form the starting point of your design.

Towers with 1.2 Metre High Platforms:Glastonbury Climbing Frame Tower

Towers with 1.5 Metre Platforms:

Multi Level Climbing Frame TowersYork Climbing Frame Tower

Alternativley, give our friendly play team a call on 01993 844145 or email and we shall start the design process for you. It often takes several attempts to get each design just right, but we will not sleep until you are thrilled with your design.

Happy Designing!


aka (The Play Team)