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Monkey Bar Connector

Monkey Bar Connector

Product Code: JE2805

Price: £145.00

  • Garden Size: Medium/Large
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Age Group: Any
  • 10 Year Warranty

Product Description

Great for monkeying around

Your kids will love crossing their way from tower to tower as they swing from rung to rung on our fabulous monkey bars.

An ideal tower connector

The Monkey bar connector is quick and easy to fit and suitable for all Action climbing frames, excluding the York models.

Providing the tower heights are compatible, you are free to connect any two towers you like. Why not bridge the gap between an Arundel climbing frame tower with a fabulous Gate Lodge climbing frame for a real diversity of fun.

Sensational swinging

Why not double the fun by transforming your monkey bars into a swing frame with your favourite double rope swing such as a traditional wooden swing seat.

Please note that due to weight restrictions, it is only advisable to attach one double swing at a time.

If you would like to enjoy a variety of swings, why not add one or two single rope swings such as a twizzler swing to go round and round and a trapeze bar swing for acrobatic antics.

This will save you the expense of purchasing a separate swing arm and will also help to save space in the garden by utilising what's already available.

Simply add a set of swing hooks, ready to attach your child's favourite choice of swing seat. We recommend a traditional wooden swing seat for toddlers or a baby swing for younger members of the family.

Please note that swing accessories are each sold separately.

Ideal for DIY projects

If you are planning your own DIY climbing frame project at home, our monkey bar connector will make a great addition to complete the build. Simply screw each end to the fixing posts of each play tower and your ready to go.

Top Tip: To see how the Monkey bar connector might look in action may look, why not try your hand at designing your own climbing frame with the help of the free Action 3D software.

Our friendly play team are always available if you would like a helping hand with your design.

What's Included

  • Wooden Monkey BarsThe wooden monkey bars consist of wooden ladder uprights and wooden monkey bar sides with four vertical climbing rungs and five horizontal rungs to climb side to side. The monkey bars stand at 1.5 metres tall and will extend your climbing frame outwards by 15.3 metres which is 5 feet. This is the ideal addition for small gardens where space is a premium, as there is a great deal of play value in a relatively small space.
  • Fixtures and FittingsAll of the screws and fixings required to attach the monkey bars to your climbing frame are included with this set.


Action Climbing Frames offer creative and imaginative play combinations at exceptional prices. They are designed to challenge children of all ages and encourage outdoor play and social interaction between them. Their fully modular design allows you to pick and choose the play features you want the most for your children and their interests. In addition, thanks to their flexible nature, you are able to plan your design based on the actual shape and size of your garden. Why not design your own climbing frame today.

Warranty Information

Action climbing frames are produced from high quality PEFC pressure treated timber, ensuring they are robust and durable in all weathers. For added peace of mind, the timber carries a a ten guarantee against rot and insect infection and a one year guarantee for other parts. Action climbing frames are ready to build and include pre-cut and pre-drilled parts for installation. All components meet with the highest safety standards and carry the reassuring BS EN71 certificate.

10 Year Warranty against wood rot and insect infestation and 1 year for all other parts

General Specification

Overall Depth Monkey Bar Width: 66cm (25.9 inches)

Overall Length Monkey Bar Length: 2.93 Metres (9.6 Foot)

Extra Fun & Games

Why not continue the monkey theme with a wooden rope ladder or a knotted climbing rope to swing from.

Action 3D (Design Own)

Action climbing frames are truly unique as they can develop and expand with your family in the years to come. New and exciting climbing frame modules can be added anytime to suit your children’s new skills and play interests, saving you money until you are ready to upgrade. All of Actions flexible designs can be arranged to fit gardens of any shape, no matter what the size or layout may be. Our free Action 3D software allows you to design your own climbing frame online and will show you exactly how it will look before you buy. Our expert design team are standing by if you would like a helping hand or just some friendly advice.

Health and Safety Info

With over one decade of knowledge and experience behind them, Action Climbing Frames not only meet, but exceed all British and European toy safety standards BS 5665 / EN71 as well as carrying the well respected CE mark. The materials used to construct Action Climbing Frames are strictly tested for quality and durability, allowing your children to play in safety with your total peace of mind. To prove their commitment to quality and service all Action Climbing Frames carry a comprehensive ten year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on all timber sections. All of their ropes, accessories and slides and workmanship are guaranteed for one year. However this is subject to correct installation and domestic use. Buy with confidence and choose an Action climbing frame today.

Garden Layout Info

The monkey bar connector designed to connect two play towers together which calls for a generous sized garden. If you are planning to incorporate the monkey bars into your own DIY climbing frame project, you will need to have two platforms of the same height.

PEFC Sustainable Timber Info

Making The Responsible Choice Action climbing frames are beautifully constructed from top grade PEFC pine, which is sustainably sourced in order to help protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. The programme for the endorsement of forest certification is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that timber products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. Consumers who choose PEFC certified products actively help to maintain our forests and natural resources for generations to come. Sustainable Pressure Treated Timber Wooden climbing frames not only offer the same structural stability as their metal counterparts, but also blend naturally into any garden environment. As timber has variations in grains and knots, you are guaranteed to be the proud owner of a climbing frame which is absolutely unique. To help preserve your garden climbing frame for the years to come, Action has taken steps to help protect the timber from the elements. All edges are planed smooth with rounded edges and fixing holes and recesses pre-drilled. This is a process carried out to within 1mm precision to maximum quality. The pressure treated timber uses a non-toxic chromium / cadmium / arsenic free solution, which is especially approved for children’s playground equipment. As wood is a natural material, some cracks and splits may appear over time. This is caused by changing moisture content in the air and is regretfully unavoidable. To plan for this eventuality, Action only machine rectangular sections of timber, which are stronger than the alternative round sections. Rectangular timber contains less heartwood meaning the chance of cracks and splits is dramatically reduced.

Best Bits

  • Great for swinging and hanging around
  • Helps develop upper body strength and co-ordination
  • Connects two play towers of the same height together
  • Blends naturally into your garden environment
  • Ten year timber warranty against rot and insect infestation
  • Pressure treated wood for protection against the elements
  • All fixings come as standard

Delivery Details

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