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Action Glastonbury Modules

Step 1

The Glastonbury tower stands at just 1.2 metres high, making it the lowest in the Action range. This allows easier access for younger children and the accommodation of a shorter slide, making the Glastonbury the ideal choice for young families with small gardens. Choose either a single play tower or connect two together to create a Glastonbury twin climbing frame.

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Step 2
Extra Tower

The additional play tower is perfect for small gardens and provides easier access for younger children. They will also love the rock climbing wall on the front.

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Step 3

If you have selected two Glastonbury towers you will need a connector. There are several way to do this by adding your choice of Glastonbury connectors. The most popular choice is the wooden clatterbridge but it's up to you and your children to decide which option is the best.

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Step 4
Wavy Slide

As the Glastonbury tower platform is 1.2 metres high, it works with our 2.4 metre wavy slide. This 8 foot slide is slightly smaller than our standard 10 foot and is better suited for younger children as they grow in size and confidence. You can connect to any side of the tower you wish.

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Step 5
Swing Arm

If you would like to add a double swing arm please choose this option below. The Glastonbury swing arm is ready to connect your choice of swing attachments (sold separtately). Remeber, the swing arm can be positioned on any side of your tower to suit the size and shape of your garden.

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Step 6
Tower Add Ons

Enhance your Glastonbury tower with an extra climbing frame module of your choice. The monkey bars double as a challenging commando net for even more fun!

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Step 7
Tower Access

If you would like to make access to the play tower easier for your children, please choose below.

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Step 8

Our fabulous wooden sandpit adds hours of play to your tower and also include two handy seats.

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Step 9

Protect the open sides of your tower with a wooden balustrade. A safer way to play.

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Step 10
Extra Fun

Bring your childrens imaginations to life with a play shop or a place to eat and enjoy lunch together.

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